Online Recruitment Process Management

Make your recruitment process easier

And make it easier for applicants to apply


Each applicant registers to apply for a position.

They can then login and logout and complete their application over multiple sessions.



You can create any number of different sections for the applicant to complete.

Once you have an initial job setup you can duplicate it and modify it to suit the next job.


Each job format can be saved as a template to use for future advertised jobs.

Steps for application

Using JOBs templated system will save you time

If a similar job is being advertised then use a template from a previous job

Simply change specific details like dates and salary and press to go live

Making Sure the Applicant is Happy with their Responses

It is important that each required form field within a section, is answered to the complete satisfaction of the applicant.

JOB specifically asks, at the bottom of each section, if the applicant is happy with thier answers. If they are they tell the system by clicking the checkbox, and they move on.

The system then places a TICK beside the section in the list of sections and the applicant knows clearly what still needs to be completed.

Are You Happy

Distribute completed applications to the assessors

Send redacted versions to different or same assessors

Your system can be customised to suit how you wish to work

Required Fields

Your job advertisment will have required and non-required fields. If the applicant doesn't complete a required field, they will be notified on the page that they must complete the missed field.

Incomplete Field

Digital Signature

If your Job Advert requires the applicant to digitally sign their application this can easily be enabled.


Clever forms to get accurate and concise information

Equality Information sent to different team member

Our forms help you comply with GDPR regulations with equality information gathering

Relevant Fields

Your form will most likely have Yes/No type of questions.

Depending on which option the applicant selects, they will only be shown additional fields that are relevant to their selection.

This means they only get to see the fields they need to see, saving time and giving you a more accurate application.

Fields Displayed Depending On Answers Given

Fully customisable forms giving you flexibility / options

Different jobs may require different layouts and sections for completion

JOB is fully customisable, and we will work with you to create the perfect templates

Essential Criteria

Most applications come with essential criteria and the default JOB template has this in place, ready to be edited.

However this is your online application solution, and the templates can be created specifically to your needs.


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