Housing Association Website Design

Kiswebs Ltd have been working with UK based Housing Associations for many years now and have developed an ideal website solution (PHARO) that will address all the important issues that Housing Associations face day to day when it comes to getting and maintaining a professional Housing Association website.

Website Design For Housing Associations

There are certain aspects of representing information on a website that are unique to Housing Associations and it is important that you deal with a professional website design business.

Not only should the website design business be professional, they should also have a track record in your industry and understand how website design affects Housing Associations and how it can help the goals and aspirations of Housing Associations.

Housing Associations need to present information to people in an easy to follow manner to successfully interact with their customer base.

The goal is to make the process of distributing up to date information to your tenants and sponsors much easier and more efficiently than done before.

Tenants get information they need at a time that suits them, 24 hours a day on the website. And the Housing Associations save time through less repetitive calls and can invest that time in areas that it can be used to better effect.

PHARO - Putting Housing Associations Right Online

PHARO was developed as a result of Kiswebs working with a number of Housing Associations and seeing that there were similarities in website requirements across the various housing associations.

As such Kiswebs enlisted the help of these housing associations with the goal to create a product that would tick about 95% of ALL housing association needs. The remaining 5% was accounted for by allowing the finished product to be flexible enough to take into account the uniqueness of individual housing associations.

As such PHARO was developed by Kiswebs with Housing Associations for Housing Associations.

Why your Housing Association should work with Kiswebs

There are many very capable website design companies out there and you will also find others, such as; as graphic designers, printers, and many more that will be able to design you a website.

However through our sector specific knowledge, and our experience of working with many very similar organisations such as yours,  you have piece of mind that we know what we are doing and know the language of housing associations.

This will save you time and effort explain anything that is a requirement within the Housing Association sector.