Prizes Won on 20th March 2017

win ipad mini 2win android tablet win moet and chandon win cuddly android     win cuddly banana

app png     App Prize Draw Winner = West of Scotland Housing Association

( Next prize draw tbc )


Our attempt at explaining the rules of the prize draw

The draw never quite went according to plan

Gherkin pngThe winners according to Gherkin are

win ipad mini 21st Prize = iPad mini 2
Winner = Douglas Cochrane
Fyne Homes

win android tablet2nd Prize = Android tablet
Winner = Kevin Crawford
Maryhill Housing Association

win moet and chandon3rd Prize = Moët & Chandon
Winner = Gillian Campbell

win cuddly android4th Prize = Cuddly Android teddy Winner = Tammy Allan
Almond Housing Association

win cuddly banana5th Prize = Cuddly Bananas in Pygamas
Winner = Craig Baxter
Fyne Homes

app pngApp Prize = 12 months free App and App training
Winner = West of Scotland Housing Association